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How far ahead can I book?

You can book as far as 12 months ahead of your departure date.

Can I book at short notice?

Yes, bookings can be made up to 24 hours before departure.

What payment methods are acceptable?

The payments are accepted through PayPal, Visa or Master card.

Is there any difference in parking charges at different terminal?

No. Parking charges at all 5 terminals are same.

What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

Call on 01293 344 567 or email

*Terms and conditions apply.

How far will my vehicle be driven?

Your vehicle is driven directly from the drop off point to the parking compound located within 4 miles radius of Heathrow Airport.

Are your drivers insured?

Yes, all the drivers are fully insured to drive any vehicle.

Is my car parked in a safe facility?

The parking facility is manned and well maintained up to the approved standards.

I have a complaint. Who do I contact?

The Customer Relations Department will be happy to oblige in case of any complaints. You may contact at with your booking reference number.

I don't know my booking reference, how can I find it?

Your booking reference number is provided in the confirmation email. If you do not have the booking reference number available, for security reasons, then the representative will ask you for further proof of identity before it can continue with your enquiry.


Cindy Sheffer

Pretty satisfied! I will surely avail these amenities in the future.

Johnny Argon

I availed cheap deals of valet parking at Heathrow airport. The service was excellent in terms of reliability.

Roland Garnett

My family was served on time and chauffeur was really helpful. The professionalism was quite impressive.